The Gifts of the 1st & 2nd Chakras

Patreon 11.30.22

You will recall that because you receive, free and clear, full Graces via each chakra, each one entitles you to give a particular Gift to others. The intro post for this one is yesterday’s 11.29.22.

So let us start from the 1st Red Root Chakra and take the major eight, two at a time, to learn about giving these gifts to others.

The structure is: Because I receive [X Grace], I give [Y Gift] …

Because I receive Life, I give Belonging.

The first chakra is connected to all things survival: food, clothing, shelter, warmth, cooling, air, water. Basic needs. It also is where we learn about where we belong in the world — tribe, clan, family. It’s about the collective and feeling that you have a place in it that’s your very own.

That’s why Life, the Grace, allows us to gift others with Belonging — that sense of place that says yes, I’m here, I’m safe, I’m home, I’m okay or I will be. It’s inclusivity at its very finest.

You know what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong. I know you do. Think of the 7th grade — enough said. The point is that you can give a sense of Belonging to others by including them, and that’s how we make a world that works for everyone.

For the 2nd Orange Sacral Chakra: Because I receive Passion, I give Exuberance.

The second chakra is connected to all things that cause emotional passion, excitement, enthusiasm. It’s about feelings of rising energy that support sustained action because they arise around something that fires you up.

That’s why Passion, the Grace, allows us to gift others with Exuberance — that sense of energetic supportive cheerleading that says yes, you can do it; yes, i see the potential; yes, go for it; yes, it’s worth a try or you’ll learn something if it doesn’t work.

You know what it’s like to feel so deeply let down when you tell someone about a new interest or desire of yours and you get back their personal equivalent of meh. It feels terrible. The point here is that if you want the enthusiastic support of others for your projects, then by golly hand out your enthusiasm with aplomb and a generous hand.

Tomorrow we’ll visit the 3rd Yellow Solar Chakra and the 4th Green Heart Chakra.



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