The Elemental Chakras & Big, Permanent Change

Susan Corso
2 min readJan 12, 2023

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Still with me? Still on making big, permanent change? Good.

Because by now you know that kind of change only happens from the inside out, through repeated reminders, taking small, relentless daily steps.

So here’s another way to become conscious of how you install a positive trigger to create meta-change.

Depending upon which chakra’s Grace you chose, you can work with its fundamental biological building block — its element.

Fifth grade science class reminder: there are four elements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire. In order of density. (FWIW, they correspond to Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit, respectively, but that’s another idea for another day.)

If you chose the Turquoise Throat Grace of Creativity, that corresponds to the element Earth. Makes sense, doesn’t it, that the fifth chakra would be all about manifestation — bringing our creative ideas into form?

So in this case, look again for Earth-based steps to take. Small, incremental, daily, Beloved, not big, dramatic, once-and-for-alls. If you want to express, manifest, create a more creative you, what actions speak that to you? (Hint: they’ll be different for everyone.)

In my case, one of the things that always gives me a sense of my own creativity is to decide to write something, anything. A haiku, a blog, a class lecture, a Patreon post. When I’m working on Earth-based change, I make sure I seek out some sort of tangible evidence — meaning expression — of my creative impulse every day.

Or if you chose the Indigo Brow Grace of Intuition, that corresponds to the element Water. Makes sense, again, doesn’t it, that the sixth chakra would be all about the different kinds of feelings that intuition itself, and following its guidance evoke?

Then, look for Water-based steps to take. Again, no drama, just gentle, consistent moving forward. What actions help you feel more in touch with your intuition about your life? How do you even notice that in yourself? Only you will have the secret to your own sense of intuition.

For me, if I’m working on Water-based manifestation, one of my go-to strategies is to pay attention to the sense of flow I feel in my life. When I more from task to task easily, gracefully, it means I’m connected to the Connection I need.

One of the best things about working with bio building blocks known as elements is they’re easy, they’re everywhere, and it’s simple to notice how they play a part in your everyday reality.

Tomorrow, we’ll chat about the elements for the 7th Crown Chakra and the 8th Thymus Chakra.



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