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2 min readNov 22, 2022

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So tell me, did you locate your mind? Few of us do. That’s one of the reasons I have to quibble to human divisions like body, mind, spirit. Okay, body we can locate. Spirit, we get, isn’t corporeal, it’s ubiquitous, so no location. Got it. But mind. Mind?

Do you mean brain? This is how so many “positive thinking” folks get themselves into the murky waters of metaphysical malpractice. The notion that we can a/ control our thoughts that well and b/ do it instantly is a cruelty aside from being patently untrue.

Hear me out. According to brain science, we have conscious access to ten percent of our thoughts. Ten. Yes, ONLY ten.

So what’s the other ninety percent doing? I’m no brain scientist, but … let’s do a hypothetical, shall we?

Alright, another ninety percent which, for argument’s sake, let’s halve. I maintain that forty-five percent is handling autonomic processes: you know, making bone marrow, handling immunity issues, growing eyelashes, and the like. And, honestly, thank God for that because if you were doing all that right now, there’d be no way you could be reading or comprehending these words. Let’s call this 45% the Unconscious.

About that other forty-five percent. Um, yeah. Well, for my money, that’s the Subconscious — which is one of the reasons you can’t locate the mind any more than you can pinpoint spirit. It’s SUB-conscious, dear one. Which means: YOU CAN’T BE CONSCIOUS OF IT.

All of this is to say that one of the even greater reasons I consider the chakra numbers as abstract concepts is that most of what they do is also non-local or omni-local, depending upon how you view it, and not available to your waking awareness.

Consider the numbers from 1–8 today. Does one jump out at you? Good. When you think of it today, see if you can sense its hugely abstract meaning.



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