Shopping in Color

Susan Corso
2 min readNov 25, 2022

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We’ll take a small break from chakra teaching today and remember that, at least in the US, today is considered Black Friday — the shopping day of all shopping days, hence the photograph of multi-colored shopping bags. Apparently, Black Friday has become a thing in the EU as well.

It’s a day I specifically don’t shop. Never one to do what the lemmings do, I really don’t like to shop anyway so it’s no hardship, but for those who do, may I encourage you to be aware of how you feel in your body when you’re shopping?

You know when you’re overspending your budget. You know when you’re only buying a gift out of obligation. You know when something’s right for someone or not quite right.

Your body — and its chakras — can tell you all this and more if you’ll heed the messages available to you. Your beautiful body won’t shout at you, though. Instead, you get to make the deliberate choice to listen.

You are one hundred percent aware when you’re making good choices, Beloved, because your body will feel great, energized, vital, alive. When you’re not the feelings won’t match them.

If you feel compelled to push yourself to shop today, at the very least tell yourself the truth about what you’d rather be doing — and if you can, do that instead.

A blessing upon us all for the bounty that is ours — whatever that bounty may be. Let us stay centered in the sweetness of gratitude, and have a lovely weekend.

See you Monday with new chakra teaching.



Susan Corso

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