Imagination is Your Salvation

Susan Corso
2 min readOct 17, 2022

This is an image from the memorial to John Lennon in Strawberry Fields in Central Park, and whilst it is perhaps not exactly a rainbow per se, it does hold a piece of the magic that the chakra system makes available to each one of us.

The word is, of course, mean to invoke a song The Beatles sang “Imagine.” The line is: Imagine all the people, living life in peace …

One of the things podcast hosts love to ask at the end of an interview — it makes me smile because most of them are sure they’re doing something none of the others do — is to ask for any last “word of wisdom” that I want to leave their listeners pondering.

I always say the same thing: Your Imagination is your salvation.

Here’s why: if you can’t imagine … anything — your life, your health, your wealth, your relationship, your work, your kids, your home — anything as being different, then you can’t change it. But when you can imagine whatever it is being different, then you can change it.

When I teach people how to do chakra work inside themselves, they often say to me, “But I feel like I’m making it up!” That’s actually what real intuition feels like. Unless you’re facing a bona fide emergency, real guidance, real chakra information is neutral, quiet, waits to make itself known until you are still and quiet enough to hear it.

So let’s say you’re exhausted most of the time … you first imagine that you aren’t. It’s a good start. If you can’t even conceive of not being exhausted, how will you ever create enough structural tension to reach for it?

Then you check in with your chakras and find that, say, your third chakra — egg yolk yellow — is blaring, huge, pulsing, pumping out energy all the time. Well, you know some things immediately.

That chakra is on overdrive. It needs support from both below it, and above it. Send color washes from top down and bottom up. In this case, green from above, the color of love, and orange from below, the color of passion. The third chakra is the power chakra. Love and passion are great support for it.

Then use your imagination again to ask that third chakra why it’s on so strongly. Could it be that you feel that someone is challenging your power? Or you need more power in a particular situation? Let your imagination fill in the blanks.

Chakra information can feel like imagination, Beloved, it’s true. But the results it offers are not imaginary at all.



Susan Corso

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