Healing Modalities for the 5th Turquoise Throat Chakra

Susan Corso
3 min readSep 20

There’s a reason I only take students who understand that yes, I will teach you my system for healing the chakras, but I will not tout my system as the only one or the right one. My system is mine, and if it makes yours accessible to you, then there’s the magic.

So given that, let me say that in forty years of working with my own, and the chakra systems of many others, I have never once seen a completely blocked chakra. If a chakra were truly blocked, that creature would no longer be incarnate.

Let’s remember first that any incarnate being has an energy system. All. No exceptions.

Here is where chakras come from: When a being incarnates, there is a burst of brilliant light. I’d call that The Divine Spark. It animates all your systems. If you’ll view that burst of light, that Divine Spark, through a prism, you will see the eight major chakras.

The most vital point about the chakra system is that it is a system. It’s how they work together that matters.

For the next few days, we will be exploring all sorts of healing modalities for each chakra. Understand that what might heal my first chakra might not even touch yours — we’re different, Beloved, and our healing methods will likely be different as a result.

The Fifth Turquoise Throat Chakra comes with the Grace of Creativity, and teaches each of us how to navigate the world of co-creating reality with the Divine. Life changes dramatically when we learn that we are creative beings by design.

Given that, consider these healing modalities as possibilities:

Going without speech; embracing silence
Keeping a journal/freewriting
Lowering vocal volume for calming
Mantra meditation, chanting, singing, toning, drumming
Practicing taking turns talking
Purposeful listening without commenting
Quiet times of vocal rest
Raising vocal volume for energizing
Speaking in front of others
Therapy for improving communication skills

In addition, there are simple things you can do: wear turquoise, drink turquoise-charged water, make sure you can see turquoise wherever you spend most of your time, eat turquoise foods, do turquoise breathing work, visualize turquoise. I could go on and on.

The point is to find methods that work for you, and use them. For example, I might, because words speak so strongly to me, keep a list of the different color names used for turquoise where I could see and add to it.

So often we turn lists like this one into a to-do list. Please, don’t. Instead, sit quietly, look at each item on the list, and tune in to your body. Which one or two give you the most energetic feeling. Do those.

And always, whenever you are working on one specific chakra, make sure you check the ones above and below it. If you’re focused on Turquoise Throat, check on Green Heart, and Indigo Brow.

Managing your own energy system is a vital skill, one that few of us are taught, and when you learn how to do it, life, I promise you, gets a whole lot easier.

Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso a metaphysician with a private counseling practice for 40+ years. She has written too many books to list here. Her website is www.susancorso.com