Gifting from Your Chakras

Susan Corso
3 min readDec 1, 2022

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You will recall that because you receive, free and clear, full Graces via each chakra, each one entitles you to give a particular Gift to others. The beginning of this series is 11.29.22.

So let us start today from the 3rd Yellow Solar Chakra and take the major eight, two at a time, to learn about giving these gifts to others.

The structure is: Because I receive [X Grace], I give [Y Gift] …

Because I receive Power, I give Commitment.

The third chakra is connected to all things personal power: livelihood, life choices, self-value, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth. Basics for functioning in the world. It also is where we learn about self-image — which is something we have, not something we are. It’s about you as an individual and the place you have in the world.

That’s why Power, the Grace, allows us to gift others with Commitment. Think on that. Where we make our commitments is where we expend our power. We convey the message yes, this is important enough to me for me to commit to it. It’s support at its finest — body/heart/mind/spirit.

You know what it’s like to feel like you don’t really want to make a commitment, and you know what it feels like when someone else says they’re committing to you, and then they don’t. Think of the last volunteer committee you sat on. The point is that you can give Commitment to others by using your Power to support them, that’s how, on a micro scale, we make a world that works for everyone.

For the 4th Green Heart Chakra: Because I receive Love, I give Connection.

The fourth chakra is connected to all things personal love. It’s about feelings of heart recognition of self, experience, and others. Sometimes that love lasts for a brief time; others, it’s for lifetimes; then there’s every kind of personal love in between.

That’s why Love, the Grace, allows us to gift others with Connection — that sense of place, like you have a spot on a shelf in your heart that was waiting just for them. Connection arises when we make space, time, and give attention to those precious souls we encounter. It happens when we truly witness one another.

You know what it’s like to feel unseen by the people around you — sometimes even by those who are close. It’s, well, heart-breaking, isn’t it? That’s why it’s so important when someone either overtly or covertly ask you to see them, it’s vital to slow life down and really pay attention. The point here is that if you want enthusiastic connections from others, then be full of personal love and give unto others what you want for yourself.

Tomorrow we’ll visit the 5th Turquoise Throat Chakra and the 6th Indigo Brow Chakra.



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