Chakras: Where & Why

Susan Corso
2 min readDec 7, 2022

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We are working toward creating a single sentence that embodies each chakra’s essence. They all begin: Because I receive [Grace,] I give [Gift] (see the past few posts).

The next piece of the equation answers two questions simultaneously. Namely, Where and Why. Efficient, isn’t it?

Where is all about the realm in which most of the effects of each chakra occurs. The realm, or area of your life, is also the why: because each realm holds a desirable goal for everyone.

So let us begin with the 1st Red Root Chakra and build out our single sentence.

Because I receive Life, I give Belonging for Health …

Health. It sounds so broad, doesn’t it? But if you’ll stop to think about it for a minute, Health really is broad. Consider that you are a fourfold being: Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit.

What is, then … Body Health, Heart Health, Mind Health, Spirit Health? How does each manifest in your life?

Body Health can certainly mean a body that isn’t ill, but it can also mean a body that thrives because of the care you give it.

Heart Health can certainly mean a heart that isn’t broken, but it can also mean a heart that beams love at others because of the self-love that fuels it.

Mind Health can certainly mean a mind that isn’t chaotic, but it can also mean a mind that is inspiring, useful, inquiring, leading you into greater levels of ideas and their creative expression.

Spirit Health can certainly mean a core that isn’t uncertain, but it can also mean a spirit that you allow to lead your life because of your natural trust in the Divine Plan.

See? Much more complicated than you originally thought. And worth thinking about. We all do want Health in all these aspects, and we want it because it makes life easier. And that’s a good enough reason.

Tomorrow, we’ll explore the 2nd Orange Sacral Chakra.



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