Chakras & The Sixth Key to Ascension

Susan Corso
2 min readFeb 14, 2024

Leslie Temple-Thurston is the author of a book called Keys to Ascension. These next chakra teachings were inspired by her work.

For the next few days, we are going on a different Chakra In-Between journey. Through her own deep chakra work, Ms. Temple-Thurston discovered beliefs to be adopted for the Chakra In-Betweens.

Let me remind you that the most important thing about the chakras is that they are a system. They’re meant to work together as a system.

One of the major areas of differing chakra theories, once we’ve divided and conquered them, so to speak, is what happens between each chakra.

Remember the color list? Here it is again:


The keys will be addressed, first, in the order that their author maintains is the easiest to adopt them. Toward the end, I’ll revisit them in the order of the chakra system.

The Sixth Key is a belief meant to live between under the First Red Root Chakra and (and here is where I depart from Leslie’s teachings) the Eighth Rose Thymus Chakra in RedRose.

The belief is: Accept your death.

Another spin on this is: Live your fullest life.

Sure, on the surface life can look like deaths of all kinds happen all the time, and it’s true, they do. We all die. The other way is that if there is a seeming death, at some level, conscious or unconscious, you agreed to it, and it’s best to acknowledge that death is a part of life, and then keep living to your fullest extent.

How to work with this belief: The Graces inherent in the 1st and 8th Chakras are Life and Compassion. Bring both to whatever deaths you experience — yours or those of others, and focus instead living well.

Change, Belovèd, is the only constant, or, as this Key might say, Death is the only constant — choose life.



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