Chakras & The Keys to Ascension IV

Susan Corso
2 min readFeb 22, 2024

Leslie Temple-Thurston is the author of a book called Keys to Ascension. These next chakra teachings were inspired by her work.

Let me remind you that the most important thing about the chakras is that they are a system. They’re meant to work together as a system.

One of the major areas of differing chakra theories, once we’ve divided and conquered them, so to speak, is what happens between each chakra.

Remember the color list? Here it is again:


The Keys to Ascension are revisited here in the order of the chakra system.

This chakra in-between occurs above the Third Yellow Solar Chakra, and below the Fourth Green Heart Chakra.

The belief that lives between Third and Fourth is: Forgive all betrayals.

The In-Between color is YellowGreen.

The Grace of the Third Yellow Solar Chakra is Power. The Grace of the Fourth Green Heart Chakra is Love.

There is no deeper immediate ouch than the realization that you have been betrayed. You can only be betrayed by someone who you simply assumed would never do such a thing.

The hardest part about betrayal is that, usually, in the long-term, it doesn’t matter. It’s a short, sharp shock.

The most important thing to realize is that you hold within yourself the Power to end your suffering. Forgiveness, interestingly, is an act of will, not an act of feelings. Use your Free Will to be willing to forgive — whether you’re ready or not.

Simply Love yourself enough to be willing, and then let whatever the issue is be. It might not be immediate, but forgiveness will come. You’ll know you’ve forgiven when there is no longer an emotional charge around the betrayal.

P. S. Please note: Forgive is not the same word as forget. Forgetting, especially if someone hurt you badly, is a dreadful idea. Forgiving, however, you do for yourself, so you can move on.



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