Chakras & The Keys to Ascension in Order

Susan Corso
2 min readFeb 19, 2024

Leslie Temple-Thurston is the author of a book called Keys to Ascension. These next chakra teachings were inspired by her work.

Let me remind you that the most important thing about the chakras is that they are a system. They’re meant to work together as a system.

One of the major areas of differing chakra theories, once we’ve divided and conquered them, so to speak, is what happens between each chakra.

Remember the color list? Here it is again:


The Keys to Ascension are revisited here in the order of the chakra system.

One of the most difficult Chakra In-Betweens to understand is the transition from the Eighth Rose Thymus Chakra to the First Red Root Chakra. That’s because we have to blur the boundaries between inside the body and outside the body.

The belief that lives between Eighth and First is: Accept your death.

The In-Between color is RoseRed.

The Grace of the Eighth Rose Thymus Chakra is Compassion. The Grace of the First Red Root Chakra is Life.

Doesn’t it make sense, when embarking on life, to accept death as a natural part of the process? It does on a planet anchored as firmly in The Polarity Principle as ours is.

I also find it fascinating that I wrote above “accept death” when the real assignment is to accept “your death.” That makes it personal, doesn’t it?

The Eighth Chakra is all about emotional and spiritual immunity. Once you acknowledge that death is a part of life, and your death is a part of your life, it’s time to get on with full-out living.

Death will come when it comes — the quality of your journey until then is up to you.



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