Chakras & I AM

Patreon 11.23.22

Remember that earlier division of humans into B/H/M/S? Body/Heart/Mind/Spirit. We’ve been through …

& chakras and the body — where and when they exist

& chakras and the heart — those are the colors

& chakras and the mind — those are the numbers

So we’re up to Spirit, the essence of each energy center, and each living being. One of the least incendiary names for the Divinity Within each of us is I AM.

I know, I know, it has Christian overtones, but separate from the church, I am … is the first-person version of the verb to be, and the Divine is always, first and foremost, about being — the actual nature of things.

One of the things I delighted in learning in Seminary was that one way to use the phrase I am … is never to put on the other side of it what an anthropomorphized version of deity wouldn’t possibly say about itself. Like this:

Do you really think God gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and says to itself, “I am so fat!” Of course you don’t, but we say things like this to ourselves all the time.

So these eight I AM Statements represent the core of the grace of each chakra — the quality each chakra gives each one of us.

Listen to your own speech in the next few days, Beloved, to see if you put on the other side of I AM what you’re pretty sure the Divine would never say. Then borrow one of these chakra I AM Statement to replace it.



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Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso a metaphysician with a private counseling practice for 40+ years. She has written too many books to list here. Her website is