Chakras & Giving

Patreon: 11.29.22

I’m praying deeply that you really thought about and let in yesterday’s post about the Graces — those eight magical qualities that come with each chakra. Here they are again, bottom to top: Life, Passion, Power, Love, Creativity, Intuition, Abundance, and Compassion.

Remember, please, that each one of these is yours already, just because you have an energy system. (Trust me, if you’re alive, you do.)

It will come as no surprise that, because you have received each of these Graces, it means that you have something to give from the embodiment of each one. Known as Gifts, each one sets up like this:

Because I receive Life, I give Belonging.

Because I receive Passion, I give Exuberance.

Because I receive Power, I give Commitment.

Because I receive Love, I give Connection.

Because I receive Creativity, I give Wonder.

Because I receive Intuition, I give Guidance.

Because I receive Abundance, I give Generosity.

Because I receive Compassion, I give Kindness.

Over the next week or so, I’ll be exploring each of these Gifts that we all have the right and privilege to give, if we so choose.

For now, take some time to be sure you’re receiving the Graces. That way, as we learn about the Gifts, you’ll know for sure that you have an endless reservoir of the qualities you need to give freely.

What better message for a Giving Tuesday?



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Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso a metaphysician with a private counseling practice for 40+ years. She has written too many books to list here. Her website is