Chakras & Fears: Fourth Green Heart

Susan Corso
2 min readJun 14, 2024

It won’t surprise you to learn that there are universal fears in human beings which live in the Collective Unconscious, that hive mind which we all share like it or not.

What is surprising is that there are some lovely ways to respond to those fears when they rise up out of the Unconscious and, for a time, become conscious. Usually this happens in individuals and not in groups.

It is supremely important to remember that this is a system, and is meant, at all times, to work together.

This is why I believe it’s impossible to have a completely blocked chakra. When any part of a circuit that allows you to turn on a lamp is broken, the light for the lamp cannot be lit.

The Inner Fear of the Fourth Green Heart Chakra is the fear of Inner Loneliness, literally, being disconnected from all life. It comes from Latin roots meaning all + one.

Think, Belovèd, who in their right mind wouldn’t be afraid of that?

This is why the Grace of the Fourth Green Heart Chakra is Love — the gift of care itself. Once you own that Grace, you can give the Gift of Connection to yourself and others.

If ever you experience fear of inner loneliness rising in your being, the fast way to ease it is to imagine a barber pole. Picture the red, white, and blue swirl. Now, change it into a rainbow, and make it big enough to get in. Then step into your Rainbow Barber Pole. It will ease fear almost instantly.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll visit each chakra and learn how to use these Graces and Gifts to transform fear into passion.

Blessèd weekend.



Susan Corso

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