Chakras & All The Keys to Ascension

Susan Corso
1 min readFeb 16, 2024

Leslie Temple-Thurston is the author of a book called Keys to Ascension. These next chakra teachings were inspired by her work.

For the next few days, we are going on a different Chakra In-Between journey. Through her own deep chakra work, Ms. Temple-Thurston discovered beliefs to be adopted for the Chakra In-Betweens.

Let me remind you that the most important thing about the chakras is that they are a system. They’re meant to work together as a system.

One of the major areas of differing chakra theories, once we’ve divided and conquered them, so to speak, is what happens between each chakra.

Remember the color list? Here it is again:


The keys are revisited here in the order of the chakra system.

Accept your death. [RoseRed]
Have faith in the support of the invisible realms. [RedOrange]
View the ego impersonally. [OrangeYellow]
Forgive all betrayals. [YellowGreen]
Not my will but thine. [GreenTurquoise]
Do not believe in loss or gain. [TurquoiseIndigo]
Accept your divinity. [IndigoViolet]
Live and let others live as divine. [VioletRose]
Accept your death, ad infinitum.

Next week, we’ll explore these keys in chakra order in more depth. Blessèd weekend.



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