Chakras +/-: 6th

Susan Corso
2 min readMar 17

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Today we continue our considerations of the positive and negative applications of the energies of each chakra.

Each chakra has inherently a Grace, which causes us to have a Gift to give ourselves and others. Both the Grace and the Gift of each chakra can be applied positively or negatively.

The Grace of the Indigo Brow Chakra is Intuition.

The Gift of the Indigo Brow Chakra is Guidance.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the positive possibilities connected to Intuition and Guidance.

Authoritative, Empathic, Equanimitous, Fair, Idealistic, Insightful, Intuitive, Knowing, Organized, Patient, Perceptive, Psychic, Reliable, Shows integrity, Spiritual, Telepathic, Visionary, Wise

Remember, just like with all positives and negatives, there are two major options: the “negative,” passive thing not to do is resist. And the “positive” active thing is to embrace the opposites.

Let’s pick one: Perceptive.

Sure, you can use perception as a form of resistance to Intuition — how many of us deny that we even hear guidance for our lives from within?

And you can use perception as a form of embrace of Intuition — noticing that still, small voice within and acting on it.

Or, how about Wise?

You are perfectly capable of using wisdom as a form of resistance to guidance — we even have a saying for it; “conventional wisdom,” and if we’ve “always done it that way,” perhaps it’s time to dust off your wisdom and dream up a new way?

You may also use wisdom as a form of embracing guidance — how about paying attention to body wisdom just for starters?

Have a gander at the list with a mind intent on self-evaluation. You know where you’re resisting, Beloved, and you know where you’re embracing. Happy with them? Great. If not, use the chakra color itself on either extreme within you to create the change you want to see.

Be the blessing.

Monday we’ll continue with the negatives of the sixth indigo brow chakra. Have a sweet weekend.

Susan Corso

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