Chakras +/-: 5th

Susan Corso
2 min readMar 16, 2023

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Today we continue our considerations of the positive and negative applications of the energies of each chakra.

Each chakra has inherently a Grace, which causes us to have a Gift to give ourselves and others. Both the Grace and the Gift of each chakra can be applied positively or negatively.

The Grace of the Turquoise Throat Chakra is Creativity.

The Gift of the Turquoise Throat Chakra is Wonder.

Here, in alphabetical order, are the positive possibilities connected to Love and Connection.

Dependent, Depressed, Diffused energies, Exaggeration, Gossip, Joyless, Lack of creative expression, Over-optimistic, Suppressed or “swallowed” feelings, Unclear communication, Unrealistic, Untruthful, Using words & actions to hurt others

Remember, just like with all positives and negatives, there are two major options: the “negative,” passive thing not to do is resist. And the “positive” active thing is to embrace the opposites.

Let’s pick one: Joylessness.

Sure, you can use feeling a lack of joy as a form of resistance to Creativity — dismissing one or another art form because of a deeply critical opinion without even trying it.

And you can use feeling a lack of joy as a form of embrace of Creativity — allowing yourself even to want the polarity of a feeling can cause that feeling — for real.

Or, how about Untruthful?

You are perfectly capable of using untruth as a form of resistance to wonder — saying a piece of, say, abstract art means X, Y, or Z and thus is bad.

You may also use untruth as a form of embracing wonder — until you know how or why an artist felt called to do as she did, you can’t even approach wonder in the sense of awe, can you?

Have a gander at the list with a mind intent on self-evaluation. You know where you’re resisting, Beloved, and you know where you’re embracing. Happy with them? Great. If not, use the chakra color itself on either extreme within you to create the change you want to see.

Be the blessing.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with the positives of the sixth indigo brow chakra.



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