Chakra Overactive: 7th

Susan Corso
2 min readMay 30, 2023

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Many of the chakra teachers I’ve encountered spend a lot of time on diagnosing and “fixing” blocked chakras. I maintain there is no such thing. If a chakra were entirely blocked, your energy system would shut down completely. Energy doesn’t work that way.

One of the most important things about the chakras, if not the most important, is that they are meant to work together, all together. All the time.

Here is where chakras come from: When a being incarnates, there is a burst of brilliant light. I’d call that The Divine Spark. It animates all your systems. If you’ll view that burst of light, that Divine Spark, through a prism, you will see the eight major chakras.

Instead of beginning with an impossibility — a completed blocked chakra — let’s consider them as overactive, namely, working too hard (and probably compensating for another chakra that’s underactive).

These are broad-brush descriptions of manifestations that ought to make a person or a healing practitioner look at a particular chakra. They are ways to be, do, & have.

The seventh Violet Crown Chakra’s Grace is Abundance. Here are the overactive possibilities:

Craving sympathy, Dissociation from the body in full, or in part, Dizzy, Fanaticism, Fosters feelings of superiority, Frequent frustration, Living in the head, Need to feel indispensable, Overly intellectual, Sense of unrealized power, Spiritual ravening, Spiritual zealot.

Here’s why knowing these overactive patterns are so valuable: if you see any of these patterns of behavior (not rare instances) in your own life, you can figure out which chakra needs attention for healing, growth, and peace.

Next time you’re struggling in a situation, note your behaviors, and see if that doesn’t help you toward inner peace.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue with what over-functioning looks like in the eighth Rose Thymus Chakra.



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