Chakra less/MORES: 5th & 6th

Susan Corso
3 min readJan 1, 2023

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Usually, when I do a podguesting spot, one of the things the host asks is: how can I start now? (Chakras are intriguing, dontcha know?)

I was asked it so often that I developed what I call the less/MORES. There’s one for each chakra. Two behaviors, uh, one to do less, and one to do more.

During this week when most of us set New Year’s Resolutions, I’ll be profiling two less/MORES per day. That way you can add chakra work to assist with your own resolutions if you want.

Oh, and if you want your very own free copy of the less/MORES, go to, and download one or both. I’m a Libra. I liked both images and couldn’t decide between them.

So the less/MORE for the 5th Turquoise Throat Chakra is:

criticize less/CELEBRATE MORE

Good advice generally, but let’s look a little deeper. First, remember that each of these behaviors has an internal aspect as well as an external one. Sure, you could be surrounded by critics [They say Everyone’s a critic …] in a less-than-happy work team, but you could also be the exact same critic inside your own mind. Be on the lookout for both.

Second, humans don’t not do things very well. I’ll prove it; whatever you do, don’t think about the Statue of Liberty. How fast did she raise her torch? Usually, it’s instant. That’s why I made sure there were behaviors to replace the ones we’re stopping. Otherwise, all that will happen is we’ll go into resistance to complaining, and create more of it.

CELEBRATE MORE. Start in the bathroom mirror, Beloved. Celebrate yourself for something. Even if it’s just your next breath, step, blink. For real. Often, we criticize when we don’t feel appreciated. Start by celebrating yourself and then, as Dolly Gallagher Levi of Hello, Dolly! fame notes of manure, “Then spread it around, encouraging young things to grow.”

Just think. If you feel uncelebrated, wouldn’t you bet a nickel that your team of critics feels the same? Start to celebrate them for specifics and watch the whole thing turn around.

The less/MORE for the 6th Indigo Brow Chakra is:

assume less/LISTEN MORE

Most of the time, when we assume, we’re making an attempt at short-cutting verbiage, explanation, excuse, or the like. What this never does is leave us open for surprise, delight, or education. Assuming we know the premise of an argument, for example, and instantly going into resistance to it, only escalates both. Instead, there’s an easier, gentler, happier option. Invite: Tell me more, or Educate me. Efficiency notwithstanding, it leaves an inviting, open door for exchange.

LISTEN MORE is all about what I call: the Ratio. It’s from my intuitive translation of the Tao Teh Ching called Tao for Now. The full quote is: Two ears. One Mouth. The ratio matters. Let’s spell it out: this means that we need to listen twice as much as we talk, or conversely, talk half as much as we listen. There are all sorts of good reasons to listen, Beloved. You might learn something. You might be able to let something go. You might prosper from what you hear. If you take the ratio seriously, for yourself, and for others, you will be contributing moment by moment to the healing of the world.

Tomorrow: 7th Violet Crown Chakra and 8th Rose Thymus Chakra.

Along with a blessing for a magical 2023.



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