Chakra Healing Goals: Fifth Turquoise Throat Through Eighth Rose Thymus

Susan Corso
2 min readApr 12, 2024

Would it surprise you to learn that when asked, “What’s your biggest problem in life?” most of us can answer that immediately? Why? Because most of humanity has been conditioned to believe that we are missing essential things in ourselves.

I don’t think so. I don’t live that way, and neither should you.

What if you learned a new skill? How to work with the human energy system to reveal your inherent wholeness, your integrity? Integrity is connected to our same word as integer — It means wholeness. What a world that would create!

Remember, please, that the eight major chakras comprise a system, and it’s the chakra system that’s vital, not just each individual component of it. That said, let’s start with the Fifth Turquoise Throat Chakra through the Eighth Rose Thymus Chakra and explore how the healing goals inherent in each of them interact.

Remember, please, that the Graces the second four chakras are Creativity, Intuition, Abundance, and Compassion. These are the unmerited gifts that comes with having a chakra system.

Some of the goals which can be approached through the Fifth through Eighth Chakras are:

Creative expression, Desire, Finding one’s voice, Self-knowledge
Feeling beyond the five senses, Healing , Intuition, Seeing, Seeking, Siddhis of all kinds
Expanding consciousness, Higher thought, Personal belief systems, Wealth of all kinds
Constant communication with the divine, Constant connection with the divine, Service of all kinds

Have another look at these four chakra healing goals and I’m sure you’ll see that, from Fifth to Eighth, they represent Physical Health, Emotional Health, Mental Health, and Spiritual Health. Of course they’re a set!

If your skilled self-diagnosis included any one of these, or issues related to deserving your inherent share of Intuition, here is where you explore what will become your own healing path toward your goal.

One of the reasons I have remained fascinated enough by humans to counsel them for over forty years is because — whether you name the same goal — each path to get there will be unique to you, to your body, to your heart, to your mind, to your spirit.

Because we all have our own healing goals, respecting our own means that be would do well to respect the healing goals of others. And that we must want for everyone what we want for ourselves. If I begrudge you having what I want, then I can’t have it either.

It’s because we’re all energetically connected.

I’ll be back Monday with a new series of healing affirmations for the chakras. Blessèd weekend.



Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso a metaphysician with a private counseling practice for 40+ years. She has written too many books to list here. Her website is