Chakra Healing Affirmations: First Red Root

Susan Corso
3 min readApr 15, 2024

Remember that the eight major chakras comprise a system, and it’s the chakra system that’s vital, not just each individual component of it. That said, let’s start with the First Red Root Chakra, and explore how to use affirmations to keep your energy bright.

The Grace of the First Red Root Chakra is Life. This is the unmerited gift that comes with having a chakra system. The Gift of Life enables us to gift others with a sense of Belonging.

A quick word about affirmations. An affirmation is a deliberate, positive thought that produces a desired result. They’re also a secret antidote to the negativity that surrounds us, and the negativity that is stored within us.

The secret to powerful affirmations is to choose one that provokes strong emotion in you. Even if you and I were working toward the exact same goal in life, we would need differing affirmations because of the individual wiring of our chakra systems.

Here is a slew of First Red Root Chakra affirmations:

I am a life enhancer.

I am creating a healthy foundation.

I am divinely protected, & guided, & my way is made smooth & easy.

I am open to expanding my awareness of life.

I am open to new ideas, new thoughts, & new people in my life.

I am responsible for the quality of my life.

I am safe and secure at all times.

I am safe, strong, & alive.

I am willing to be my own good parent and look after myself properly at all times.

I am willing to consider the possibilities that there are new approaches to enjoying life which will enhance my sense of being alive and give me pleasure.

I am willing to release all my old patterns of fear & insecurity, to live with joy & well-being — now!

I can have pleasure without painful consequences.

I can risk doing what I feel is right.

I feel at home in my body.

I feel at home on the earth.

I have a right to be me, just exactly as I am.

I have a right to express myself & manifest my dreams.

I have a strong foundation in life.

I know that I am safe.

I know that I belong.

I love my feet; they show me the way.

I love my legs; they give me support.

I love my life just exactly the way it is. I am free to make whatever changes are necessary for my future.

I trust in the process of my life to unfold for my highest good & greatest joy.

I trust life will support me in fulfilling my purpose.

It is safe for me to enjoy my life now.

Life is good.

My body is well cared for and appreciated.

My feet are firmly rooted to the earth.

My life is abundant.

Nobody wants to hurt me.

People now support me in an easy & pleasurable way.

The energy of the universe nurtures me.

How do I use these? you’re asking.

Pick one to use for the whole day. Choose the one that invokes emotion. Recite it to yourself until you’ve got it memorized, or put it on an index card where you can access it.

If you want a general good feeling, choose a general affirmation.

If you want to answer a specific upset, choose one that deals with that.

What a good affirmation really does is bring up from within you everything inside that disagrees with the statement. Like this: let’s say you’ve been feeling really cynical lately, and you’re tired of it. Choose: Life is good.

Say it to yourself off and on all day. Set a timer, doodle it, write it on your hand, and let arise everything inside you that isn’t the truth of life being good. Is there healing to do? Great, use chakra colors.

Because we all have our own healing goals, respecting our own means that be would do well to respect the healing goals of others. And that we must want for everyone what we want for ourselves. If I begrudge you having what I want, then I can’t have it either.

It’s because we’re all energetically connected.

Blessèd week.



Susan Corso

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