Chakra Graces

Patreon 11.28.22

It seems perfect to me to start this season of so much gift-giving with the Graces we each receive — in full, unearned, unmerited — simply when we choose to incarnate. The Graces come with having an energy system which, as you know, I view as the Divine Spark, the Life Force itself, viewed through a prism which yields the chakras.

The Graces arrive right along with bone marrow-making mechanisms, eyelashes, and digestion. There’s nothing we can do or not do to hinder or invite them. They’re a package deal with the chakras.

So have you ever considered that you might have these remarkable Graces in full, available to you at all times. In order of chakra from bottom to top, they are:

Life, Passion, Power, Love, Creativity, Intuition, Abundance, and Compassion.

Think on this a minute. Pick one, just one, of these Graces and imagine who you would be if you used such a Grace in full in your own life, and on behalf of others.

Let’s try it with … Abundance, which is a 7th Chakra Grace. Assume that any kind of abundance you need at any given time is available to you. It wouldn’t matter what you needed. Hammers? Nails? Artwork for your walls? A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g you needed would come to you.

Think of the relief you’d feel. And this doesn’t mean you could manifest cash with the snap of a finger. It means that whatever Abundance you need will come to you because it’s your birthright.

And there’s the key to all the Graces: they’re your birthright.

A birthright is contingent upon uh, being born, and you were so they’re yours. Spend a little time today in your imagination dreaming up who you’d be if you actually let yourself receive and have these Graces at all times forever.



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Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso a metaphysician with a private counseling practice for 40+ years. She has written too many books to list here. Her website is