An Altar in Every Room

Susan Corso
2 min readSep 30, 2022

This is the stained glass window that illuminates the foyer of Cupcake Manor, our Arts & Crafts home in the Hudson River Valley. Quan Yin — She Who Hears The Cries of the World — is flanked by four crystal balls on either side. In order, they begin with Red for the Root Chakra and move up the spectrum to Pink for the Thymus Chakra.

I’ve said before that I have a rainbow in every room of my house — a rainbow of some things or other. In one, creamers; another, water pitchers; yet another, candleholders. I’ve collected them over many years.

The strange part is that, as I was collecting them, I didn’t really know I meant there to be a rainbow in every room. Remember, Beloved, that rainbows are made of light. So I made sure there was a reminder of Light seen through a prism, which is, of course, the Chakra System.

I believe that the Chakras are the recorders of all things, events, experiences, emotions, hurts, loves, joys, thoughts, words, deeds, everything everything everything. You might consider them the subconscious mind. I also believe that the Chakras create the Human Aura — from closest to the outline of the body in Red through Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Indigo, Violet, Rose, ever-expanding into the environment.

So essentially, I created, not deliberately, but in hindsight, a healing altar in every room so that if my light is ever compromised, my attention will go automatically to the energetic fix I need. And isn’t that miraculous?

It took me years to figure it out. It’s like having a healer in every room, willing to help me always, to rebalance, adjust, calm down or whatever else I need. See if you can find a hidden rainbow in your environment today? Could it be a healing altar?

A blessed fall weekend to you in the Northern Hemisphere, and a lovely spring weekend to you in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Susan Corso

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