National Ampersand Day — Be &

Today is National Ampersand Day, which fits my mission on Earth perfectly.

So, Beloved, do you Ampersand?

Recently someone whose work I admire greatly wrote me a message on Facebook. …

Disappointment makes for fragmented hearts …

When I was a kid, the very worst thing my mama could say to me was, I’m so disappointed in you. She never yelled it; she spoke sedately, quietly, but the feeling it gave me was downright awful. I felt transformed from regular size to Lilliputian.

I’m coming to the…

So human … wanting your cake and having it too.

In as much as we are all humans, none of us will be surprised to learn that we want what we want when we want it, contradiction notwithstanding. As I read this morning’s New York Times, I kept thinking of an old proverb. Here’s what the Wikis say about it:

What or who are we waiting for?

Is anyone else tired of the old arguments — pro and con — about the filibuster in the Senate? I sure am. It’s just like couples who come to me for counseling and end up not telling me about their actual differences, but instead fighting about how they fight.


Corinne Fesseau feeding her rooster Maurice in Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron in 2019. His crowing prompted a court case.Credit…Kasia Strek for The New York Times

A Letter to the Editor in this morning’s New York Times … “Re ‘Rooster’s Noise Lawsuit a Win for France’s Barnyard Bellowers’ (news article, Jan. 25):

“The crowing of the late Maurice the rooster and his successors is now protected by French law: liberté, égalité, cacophonie.

“Steven S. Honigman


Susan Corso

Dr. Susan Corso a metaphysician with a private counseling practice for 35+ years. She has written too many books to list here. Her website is

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